About Alli

Hi, my name is Alli Cherry, I’m a content creator based in Orange County with a passion for natural living, attainable sustainability, and personal style. You can find me at home testing vegan recipes, weaving the aisles of my hometown flea market, or beach camping with my husband, Nick! We’ve been married since 2013 and enjoy living simply and surrounding ourselves with family and friends.

I’m a fourth generation coastal Californian whose great-grandparents moved to Los Angeles to open a camera shop in the 1930s. My grandpa, who was a big part of my upbringing, is an inventor with his own small business. This family tradition of creativity always inspired me to seek work that I’m passionate about -- for the past five years, this has meant making videos and working freelance on creative projects with brands that align with my values.

The through-line of all my creative endeavors during this time has been the simple concept of living gently with myself, with the planet, and with others. Whether it’s reducing my waste on a road trip, practicing minimalism at home, plant-based eating, or essential oil DIYs -- everything comes back to what’s sustainable for myself and our planet. The community I’ve found on YouTube and Instagram is so inspiring, they’ve become places of empowerment and encouragement where I can share my journey and learn from other like-minded people all over the world.

So, make yourself at home! This is an all-in-one space where you can find my YouTube videos, blog posts, essential oil tips, my shop, and more.