Video: 3 Cooking Methods to Reduce Food Waste: Simple Vegan Recipes | Ft. Simply By Christine

It was really lovely to spend time with Christine a few weeks ago. She recently wrote a book, Sustainable Home, and she and her husband Peter stayed with us during her southern California book tour. Luckily, while they were staying with us, we had time to film some content together! She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sustainability; I admire her dedication and beautiful, informative content.

The topic of our videos was food waste and how to prevent it. We went in-depth on Christine's channel, sharing simple ways to reduce your food waste, including food storage tips. On my channel, we focused on three cooking methods to reduce food waste along with three simple vegan recipes that you can make the next time you have some spare veg lying around.

Zero Waste Veggie Broth from Zero Waste Chef

Pickled Veggies from Simply By Christine

Instant Pot Veggie Soup from Where You Get Your Protein

Watch Christine's Video about reducing food waste.