I was a guest on Pre-Loved Podcast!

Last week I had the honor of being interviewed by Emily for her Podcast all about vintage style and shopping second hand; Pre-Loved Podcast. After our chat, I started thinking; I hope I described all of my favorite vintage treasures with enough detail! I decided to put this blog post together with some photos of the items I talked about with Emily, just for your reference. I also put a playlist together of some of my favorite youtube videos that I've made over the years about thrifting, capsule wardrobes, and gentle living. I hope you enjoy it!

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the flea market

My creative and eclectic mother also inspired my love of antiques and vintage as a child. I loved tagging along with her to our local flea market and watching her creative process. Pictured is one of the 1950's ballerina prints (by Cydney Grossman) that I mentioned in the podcast. The frame was probably wood initially, but when we bought it, it was a kind of a 1970's pink. Naturally, we painted it a very 1990's purple, perfect for my room at the time.

woven bag

vtg woven bag

This woven bag is one of my favorite thrift finds to date. I found it at my local goodwill around Christmas in 2010. My wardrobe is pretty neutral, and I love the pop of color it provides. I always get compliments on it when I wear it! It was $4.99!!


vtg leather bag

I found this bag the same day I found the woven tote (above). It fits my sunglasses, phone, cards, lip product, and not much else, but it's just so handy, I haven't felt the need to shop for another tiny bag. Plus, it has a little mirror inside!


thrifted clare v

I've admired the Clare V brand for years, but I only to buy leather second hand, so it took me a while to find this little bag. I love that it's a "dressed up" version of my everyday basket bag, and it's also versatile because I can change the strap out for something longer, or even use a vintage scarf!

vintage tee.jpg

vtg band tees

I bought both of these band tees from American Vintage in 2007 (this picture of us is from then!). Like I mentioned on the pod, they were both for Nick, but I've definitely claimed the Def Leppard tee for myself over the last decade.


LB Thrift Guide

Honestly, I need to make a video about this topic! Until then, here are some of my favorite places to thrift and find vintage treasures.

Long Beach Antique Market (The Flea)

Urban Americana (Antique Mall)

St. Vincent de Paul


Pretty much any Goodwill

Tattered Trading

Buffalo Exchange

Crossroads Trading (in OC, but close)


Capsule wardrobe

My capsule wardrobe experiment was a huge learning process for me. I went from a shopaholic to a conscious consumer. I'm grateful for what I learned on that journey! Nowadays I thrift 90% of my wardrobe without going over the top like the old days. Watch a playlist of a few of my favorite thrift & capsule wardrobe videos, including the one on why I stopped capsuling.